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Space Plasma 3D Screensaver Space Plasma 3D Screensaver

Interface: Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your desktop into a scene from space? Space Plasma 3D Screensaver projects images of space plasma (or “space storms”) onto your desktop when your system is idle. This screensaver comes with many features and is an all-around fun way to spruce up your screen. Space Plasma 3D has a nice interface that’s self-explanatory. Usability: After the initial download, Space Plasma 3D will run instantly. When using this program, most features and options are easy to figure out. However, this screensaver does come with support software that’s very helpful. This software includes a Q&A portion that answers almost all questions. Navigating the interface and determining how to operate the screensaver is not complicated. Main Function: The main purpose of Space Plasma 3D is to turn your computer screen into an enjoyable image of space. As a screensaver, this program performs very well and does come with an array of options that you’ll want to check out. There are no problems download-wise and the program works ad and glitch free. Extra Features: Plenty of extra features are included with this screensaver. Some of the features that you’ll find include a digital clock, nice and relaxing music options, the ability to use the program on many monitors, and an option to password protect the screensaver. Value: When choosing a screensaver, the image that you want to see will be the deciding factor. If you want to check out some nice views of space plasma, this screensaver is worth the $5.99 price tag.  

SeaStorm 3D Screensaver SeaStorm 3D Screensaver

Interface: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience a sea storm? Seastorm 3D Screensaver projects images of a sea storm on your desktop. Once your computer goes idle, this screensaver will kick in. You’ll see twisters and angry waves crashing on your desktop. You’ll also hear some music that accompanies the dangerous seas being projected (you can disable these sounds). This screensaver’s interface is as simple as they come with just a few preference options to select from. Usability: As with most other screensavers, Seastorm 3D Screensaver doesn’t come with many user options, but, then again, it’s just a screensaver. Using this program really only requires a simple download. Once installed, you can change various settings such as music and time duration settings. Main Function: The purpose of Seastorm 3D Screensaver is to provide you with an image of a treacherous sea storm. To this end, this screensaver performs its task very well. You might find some of the images a bit unrealistic, but it’s nice to stare at the sea storms projected and drift away from the working world. Extra Features: Seastorm 3D Screensaver doesn’t have a lot of extra features other than some simple settings options and the ability to turn the music on and off. Really though, this screensaver doesn’t require any additional features and you can’t beat the price. Value: Some screensavers are on the expensive side of things, but this isn’t one of them. For around $3, Seastorm 3D Screensaver can be yours – a steal.

EarthView EarthView

Interface: Have you ever wanted to see the Earth from amazing perspectives while staring at your desktop? Well, EarthView is a screen saver that provides users with detailed earth views. The EarthView interface really only consists of two tabs: one for screensaver mode and one for wallpaper mode. Users can select either full-screen or partial-screen views and either mode can be activated or deactivated at any time. Usability: The trickiest part about EarthView is downloading this screen saver. EarthView takes a few moments to download and the earth image that will appear takes a few minutes to create (the program will ask users not to disrupt the creation of the earth view during startup). Otherwise, using this program is really quite simple. Main Function: EarthView was built to provide users with a nice view of the earth while a system is in screensaver or wallpaper mode. The image of the earth that’s presented is nice and clean, details are amazingly accurate, and the overall picture is nice to look at. Even though EarthView is a simple program it’s also a great way to change standard screensaver and wallpaper options. Extra Features: One fun feature of EarthView is the “Globe Mode” feature. Using this option, users can move the globe around to view any portion of the earth. If you don’t want to view North America, switch the view around to a different part of the globe. Playing with this feature can be a lot of fun! Value: EarthView is a simple screensaver that provides a nice change of pace for $25. There is also a limited 14-day trial offer that you might want to consider testing out.  

Watermill 3D Screensaver Watermill 3D Screensaver

Interface: Watermill 3D Screensaver aims to bring your desktop to life through the sounds and images of nature. This screensaver comes with a straightforward interface that really only consists of a settings panel. Inside of this panel are all kinds of setting options including the option to active or deactivate animations and music. It is also possible to view the waterfall that’s part of this screensaver from various angles. Usability: During installation, Watermill 3D Screensaver will ask you to install the “Screensaver Manager.” This manager will then allow you to locate all 3D screensavers that you have installed on your computer (in case you have more than one). Setting up the manager is simple and using the actual screensaver is even easier. Users of all levels will enjoy this screensaver if a serene waterfall is the desired desktop image. Main Function: As you might have guessed, the main purpose of Watermill 3D Screensaver is to provide you with a nice image to look at when your screen goes idle. A softly cascading waterfall is projected and you can opt to include music and animations as well. This program is perfect if you want to take a break from work and relax or if you own a spa or health club that could benefit from such a calming screensaver. Extra Features: Watermill 3D Screensaver doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, but it is possible to change the angle of the waterfall image projected. Changing this angle will present you with a different waterfall to look at every day. Value: If you’ve been searching for a calming and unique screensaver, Watermill 3D Screensaver is a good buy for $18.95. Note: this screensaver does come with a free trial, but you should be aware that the trial includes a nag screen that will pop up every 90 seconds.

Deep Space 3D Screensaver Deep Space 3D Screensaver

Interface: Deep Space 3D Screensaver projects images of space that are somewhat fantasy-based and partially reality-based. To some, these images may appear too fabricated, but others may find the Deep Space 3D Screensaver images appealing. This program doesn’t have much of an interface to speak of excluding some very basic music and image options. Usability: After downloading Deep Space 3D Screensaver, users will see the program work right away. Using the screensaver requires just a few moments of your time. Users can change music, shut off music, or change the way that the space scenes appear. This program doesn’t come with much of a Help file or online help, so keep that in mind when deciding on a screensaver for your computer. Main Function: Deep Space 3D Screensaver showcases graphics that are meant to look space-like. At times, the graphics that appear through this program can be cartoon-like, though that’s not necessarily a drawback (it depends on how you look at it). There is a free trial offer available that you can use before purchasing the program, but be warned: the free version does include a rather intense nag screen. Extra Features: Surprisingly, Deep Space 3D Screensaver doesn’t come with many extra features, thought this is something that the company should certainly consider. There are a few image options and basic music functions, but that’s it. Value: $18.95 seems like a high price to pay for this screensaver. However, if you really love space scenes, this might be the screensaver for you.


Space, water, earth? What kinds of images do you like to see? All of the screensavers reviewed here offer different images that will lighten up your screen, allow you to drift away during a computer break, and see the world from different views.

Watermill 3D screensaver is an excellent nature-based screensaver; EarthView provides images of earth; Space Plasma will have you thinking that you've gone to space; SeaStorm will create a dreamy and stormy seascape on your desktop, and Deep Space 3D will send you into orbit.
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